'Frozen woman' turns out to be mannequin


About 8:30 a.m. Friday morning, Hudson, New York, police received a call from a "very upset citizen" who said an older woman was alone in a parked auto and appeared to be frozen to death.

Police said the vehicle had snow covering it, suggesting it had been there overnight, and the temperature was around eight degrees. The officers broke the window and that's when they found out the woman was actually a mannequin.

The police chief says the owner was "incredulous" that his officers broke the window to rescue the mannequin.

However after breaking into the vehicle officers established that it was in fact a very realistic mannequin equipped with real clothing, glasses, shoes, teeth and skin blemishes.

A quick-acting police officer broke a vehicle window in an attempt to save the life of a woman believed to be frozen to death.

After rushing to the scene, police officers, along with the Greenport Rescue Squad, discovered a woman sitting motionless in the passenger sear of a Subaru that had been covered in snow.

The vehicle's owner eventually returned to his auto and solved the mystery: He is a sales manager for a company that manufacturers medical training aids, and the "woman" is a CPR training device, police said. She did not move and was unresponsive. It was even wearing a seat belt...

They later tracked down the owner who said he used the mannequin for medical training. Randy Clarke told ABC affiliate WTEN.

Ever-so-slightly tongue-in-cheek, Chief Moore told mannequin owners to be more careful. "He apparently was quite vocal and vulgar to my Sergeant". "If it was a joke, it was a very poor distasteful joke".