Four women, security guard found dead in Delhi

Wife stabs ex-hockey player

The Times of India reported that police investigation revealed stab injured on the bodies.

An 82-year-old woman and her three daughters along with a security guard were found dead with their throats slit in their house in Mansarovar Park area of Shahdara in north-east Delhi this morning, police said.

There was no forced entry into house and no valuables were stolen.

The deceased have been identified as Urmila Jindal, and her daughters Sangeeta, 56, Nupur, 48, and Anjali, 38. The police control room received a call about the incident around 7 am.

Commenting on the multiple killings that took place inside a house at Mansarovar Park of Shahdara district, the investigating police official said that during the primary investigation of the house, the police have recovered a sharp weapon. "We didn't share many personal details but the women never hinted at any family problems", she said. Two of them were unmarried and the eldest was also a widow.

"There were 40 members in our family living in the ancestral house".

Police said the family owns Jindal Oil Mill in the national capital. "One sister wasn't well, another was divorced, so she used to take care of the finances of the family in the absence of a male member", she said. He said, "Crime scene indicates friendly entry, can not say the motive behind the murders now".