Forza Horizon 4 release date, trailer, gameplay details and more

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Fast Start is a new feature in the Xbox June Update which will help you launch select Xbox games up to two times faster.

Microsoft is hard at work developing the future of gaming with artificial intelligence technology, Spencer said.

Microsoft were consistently pull out shocks and nice surprises, including a trio of new Gears games. This was one of the givens for the conference, but it's always good to see solid exclusives for Xbox One even if it was expected. He boasted that the company's E3 lineup is its "most diverse gaming portfolio in every measure". Spencer said that the hardware team behind the Xbox One X is "deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles" and that they'll "set the benchmark for console gaming".

The Xbox One trails Sony's (SNE) PlayStation 4 in unit sales in the current generation of video game consoles, but Microsoft is undeterred. Peppered into a slew of new game announcements that spanned world premiers and hotly anticipated titles were several notable new exclusives. There's a lot of to point towards that speculation, but ultimately, we will have to wait until 343 Industries is ready to pull back the curtain further on Halo Infinite. If this trailer is any indication, the game's development team at 343 Industries intends to right a very critical wrong with this next entry. With Microsoft's backing, the new studios, will have the resources to "take bigger risks" and "create bigger worlds", he said. That's pretty much the extent of what was explicitly mentioned in the trailer, although, given the appearance of a hoverbike halfway through, one might wonder if they will show up in the final game.

The biggest takeaway, however, was obviously Gears of War 5.

"The longevity of games resulting from the "games as a service" model is also why Xbox is committed to backwards compatibility".

Away from the game announcement, Microsoft also looped to beef up their existing digital initiatives.