Fortnite Mobile: Where To Sign Up And What You Need To Know

Fortnite Mobile: Where To Sign Up And What You Need To Know

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the first opportunities for Xbox and Playstation gamers have been able to play against each other and it is a shame that Sony is blocking the cross-platform gameplay. The rampant success of Fortnite: Battle Royale has led to Fortnite landing on mobiles, cross-play and all.

In the past, Sony has expressed a lack of enthusiasm for cross-play between the Xbox and the PlayStation, most famously for "Rocket League".

In a statement to video game publication Kotaku, Microsoft placed the blame on Sony. According to The Verge, which earlier reported on those omissions, Sony at the time said that it didn't allow for cross-play to protect children, stating that cross-play exposes kids to "external influences we have no ability to manage or look after".

Microsoft which is a leading brand in the world has always encouraged for the cross-play between the players of PC, mobile, and all other gaming consoles.

As Kotaku points out, CD Projekt Red is only waiting on Microsoft and Sony to do the deal and it can setup cross-platform play between Gwent players on Xbox and PS4 too. "Thus, cross platform play is opt in". Likewise, the mobile clones of Cuphead left out what fans an critics loved about Studio MDHR's PC and Xbox One game.

A few hours ago Epic published a YouTube clip showing Fortnite Battle Royale in action on a mobile device.

Bluetooth controllers will also be made compatible with Fortnite on Mobile, although there's no current release date for this feature.

Created by Epic Games, the company behind Gears of War, Unreal, Shadow Complex and the Infinite Blade series, the company says iOS players wanting to take part can sign up at the Fortnite site here.

Other accounts are a bit more up front with their lack of affiliation with Epic Games and Fortnite, though they still gate their giveaways with retweet or subscription requirements.

If you had told me when it launched after six years in development hell that Fortnite would become the biggest game in the world and playable on nearly everything apart from a potato, I wouldn't have believed.