Fortnite Map Adds The Block During The Game Awards

Fortnite Season 7 Trailer

Members of the Fortnite community who are familiar with the involvement of Epic Games were quick to spot that the new buff Santa Clause skin of Sgt.

Epic has kicked off Fortnite season 7 and, as is usually the case with these seasonal shifts, a lot of big changes are coming along with it.

Finally, Season 7 adds a new act to "Fortnite's" Save the World campaign. That'll get you 100 tiers of Battle Pass excitement with even more cosmetics such as the brand new Fortnite weapon skins.

The submarine location is essentially balanced precariously on the very top of this mountain, so you'll need to make sure you nail your landing from the battle bus.

"The most exciting and imaginative islands built in Creative will be featured on the "The Block" in the Battle Royale map".

We've included a screenshot of the map above, followed by where you'll want to land and dance to successfully complete stage one of this challenge. "We'll be looking closely at social for candidates".

25x25 tile area on a flat section of your island. Efficiency is just as important as creativity!

Developer Epic Games revealed the Creative Mode earlier this week.

It's hard to say how all these new changes will affect the game and how players will take to the game-changing new ways to travel.

Fortnite Creative Mode is now only available to those how have bought a Battle Pass. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior will not be tolerated. Do not share your account information or the account information of others.