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Former Senate chief Harry Reid undergoes surgical procedure for pancreatic most cancers

Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid speaks during the National Clean Energy Summit 9.0 on Oct. 13 2017 in Las Vegas

Reid, 78, was recovering at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center in Baltimore.

Reid has kept the news about his diagnosis very quiet since doctors discovered an internal mass a few weeks ago.

Shortly after reports of the surgery surfaced, Reid's family put out a statement.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, is being treated for pancreatic cancer, his family said in a statement Monday.

"His doctors caught the problem early during a routine screening and his surgeons are confident that the surgery was a success and the prognosis for his recovery is good", the family statement read.

"He'll bear chemotherapy as the following step in his therapy". New York Democrat Chuck Schumer, who succeeded Reid as Senate Minority Leader, said Reid "will approach his recovery with the same tenacity that defined his public life".

Reid's family concluded their statement by thanking the team of doctors working with him.

Reid was first elected to the Senate in 1986 and retired in 2017, because the Senate's minority chief. He retired past year.

Reid, a Democrat and former Senate majority leader, sponsored or signed onto more than 500 pieces of legislation that later became law and helped choke off funding for a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain. "He beat his opponents in the boxing ring, took on the mob in Nevada, and moved bills in the Senate that no one believed could be done", Cortez Masto said.

McCain is in the process of battling an aggressive form of brain cancer in Arizona.