Forget the electronics, gift a keg of ranch for Christmas!

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Many of these items would make delightful stocking stuffers for the person in your life who dips their pizza in ranch dressing. Well, look no further!

Hidden Valley's mini-kegs are ten inches high by six inches wide, stackable, lined with a special FDA-approved coating that keeps contents fresh, and proudly adorned with a giant logo.

Hidden Valley has unveiled a metal keg that contains 5 liters of ranch dressing - a coma-inducing quantity that's getting billed as a "year supply".

It's featured as a dipping machine that has a 2-pound capacity with four easy-to-assemble tiers.

Priced at $50, the keg doesn't look like a bargain.

The keg is now available for pre-order and will begin shipping on December 11 - just in time for Christmas and the NFL Playoffs.

If the keg doesn't fit your style, they also offer a Hidden Valley ranch fountain with a holiday skirt for $110, an ugly Christmas sweater for $40 and a pair of ranch-themed socks for $12. You won't get any judgement from Hidden Valley!