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Ford Fired By Morgan Stanley In Harassment Investigation

Former Dem rep fired by Morgan Stanley denies harassment allegations

In her account, the woman, who is not identified in the story, said she and Ford were meeting for business reasons when the incident took place.

The accuser was "not a Morgan Stanley employee but interacted with Ford in a professional capacity", according to the report.

A spokeswoman for Morgan Stanley confirmed to the Daily News that Ford was sacked for "conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies".

The firing comes as companies, lawmakers, and politicians grapple with a string of allegations against prominent men. She asked him not to contact her anymore, citing his inappropriate conduct the evening where he forcibly grabbed and harassed her. Ford replied to the email by apologizing and agreeing not to contact her.

Afterward, Ford continued to email her and ask her out to drinks. During that campaign, a negative political ad aimed at Ford Jr. caused a firestorm when it mentioned his attendance at a 2005 Superbowl party hosted by Playboy. "I have never forcibly grabbed any woman or man in my life", Ford wrote.

Ford strongly denied the allegations in a statement, writing: "I support and have tremendous respect for the courageous women now speaking out in this important national dialogue". The company said at the time that he would be responsible for "building business opportunities for clients" as well as managing relationships with corporate directors, senior executives, institutional investors, and private clients.

Ford denied the accusation and said that he would "be bringing legal action" against the accuser as well as Morgan Stanley. He also said he intends to file a lawsuit against Morgan Stanley over his "improper termination" and separately sue a HuffPost reporter over "these false claims".

Ford, a frequent guest on news and finance TV shows, served five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives for Tennessee's 9th district before joining Morgan Stanley in 2011. He worked for Fox News briefly and then became a contributor at MSNBC where he has been appearing on Morning Joe and other programs for a decade.

Harold Ford Jr., at a panel discussion in 2012.