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Florida State's Leonard Hamilton wishes he handled interview with Dana Jacobson better

Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton was criticized for his conduct in a postgame interview with Dana Jacobson. More

Leonard Hamilton's tense postgame interview with Dana Jacobson on TBS after Florida State's four-point loss Saturday to MI in the Elite Eight has drawn responses from all over. Many were very quick to criticize Hamilton for not choosing to foul.

Hamilton could have handled the moment a lot better; Jacobson, on the other hand, could not have handled it any better than she has.

Hamilton then exacerbated the criticism by responding rudely to TBS reporter Dana Jacobson in a postgame interview.

"The game was over", he said. "What were we down?"

Hamilton told Jacobson the question didn't make sense and the game was over, then almost walked away from the interview before stepping back toward the microphone.

Hamilton issued his own statement Sunday afternoon, through Florida State basketball's Twitter account. Jacobson stood her ground, asking the question again with limited success.

Michigan, meanwhile, moved on to earn an NCAA semifinals game against Loyola-Chicago on Saturday.

Down four with 11 seconds to go, the Seminoles backed off after failing to secure the rebound on a desperation three-point heave. "Hamilton is a moron for not fouling one of the worst FT shooting teams", wrote Eric Thomas.

"Sounds like coach had FSU +4.5 hahahaha", wrote Logan Gillespie. "Betting matters", wrote the Gambling QB. It was the right question to ask. "He showed emotion and I appreciate him talking through it with me instead of walking off". "He was nothing but professional w/me throughout this weekend as I believe I was with them".