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Florida Lowe's customer gives up last generator to stranger

An angel’ Ahead of Hurricane Irma man gives store’s last generator to woman in need

The Hurricane threat is bringing out the best in some Central Florida Residents. There is also a big demand for generators.

Heartbroken, she was prepared to leave empty handed until a stranger stepped in. But by 9 a.m., they were all sold out, according to WFTV-TV.

Then she thought she'd caught a lucky break: a Lowe's store 30 miles away in Orlando had gotten a surprise shipment of generators.

Pam Brekke's father is on oxygen. She, like many, was trying to purchase an emergency generator to keep power going for her father who can not survive without an oxygen machine.

Workers didn't know whether more supplies and generators would be coming, but thankfully one man came to Brekke's rescue.

Customer Ramon Santiago had no idea why Ms Brekke was so desperate to find a generator but turned around and calmly offered her his.

"She needs the generator", he said. "It's OK. No worry for them".

Despite a language barrier, Brekke was able to thank Santiago and the two shared a hug.

As he noticed Brekke in tears, Santiago approached her and said that she could have the final generator he just picked up. "He's an angel from god is what he is".

It's a gesture Brekke won't soon forget as neighbor help each other at a crucial time.

"I wanted to make sure (Santiago) received it", said Melissa Rodriguez. "He's helping our family".