Flight Attendant Facing Charges After Appearing Drunk on Flight from Chicago

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According to a tweet from passenger Aaron Scherb to United Airlines, the flight attendant was "slurring her speech", "couldn't walk straight" and "kept dropping things".

Another passenger on the flight, identified as Dan, told ABC News the most concerning part of the whole ordeal was that the pilots took off even though they couldn't communicate with the lone flight attendant.

When the plane landed, officers boarded and March started crying, believing she was still in Chicago.

Her blood-alcohol level was 0.204, which is five times the legal limit for flight attendants.

March was charged with criminal public intoxication, a misdemeanor, and Wisconsin Air - who was operating the United Flight - released a statement confirming she had been fired. When asked what city she was now in, March replied with: "Chicago". "This is appalling", Scherb tweeted.

March was still on her probationary period and had only been working as a flight attendant for a few months, a source said.

Charging documents detail that the woman's erratic behavior made some passengers feel "scared for their lives" during the flight from Chicago to South Bend, Ind.

Passengers were concerned over the lack of communication between pilot and March, and wondered why there was only one attendant assigned to the flight.

A flight attendant on a United Airlines flight on Aug 2 caused a stir when she apparently passed out drunk before takeoff, the New York Post reports.

He said their response was not sufficient as passengers' safety was jeopardized.

"I would hope that United Airlines and Air Wisconsin treat this person as an employee, not as an expendable commodity, and that they will help her get treatment for addiction, if that's in fact what she suffers from", he said via email on August 9.