Flight 666 Makes Final Friday the 13th Trip to HEL

Projected flightpath of the journey dubbed'flight 666 to hell ahead of takeoff this afternoon

The airline has 15 more scheduled trips for Flight 666 before the flight number is retired on October 29.

Finnair flight 666 has made its last ever journey to "HEL" this Friday the 13th after 21 previous daring trips on the superstitious date.

Nordic airline Finnair has flown courageous passengers from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki, Finland, on Friday the 13th since 2006. As of Oct 29th, some of the flight numbers in the Finnair network will change and AY666 flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki will change to AY954.

Flying from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki, Finland, Flight 666 has been carrying travellers on the "unluckiest day of the year" since 2006.

The airline had a little fun with the combination of airport code and flight number, tweeting some stats about the famed flight.

Helsinki Airport also confirmed the arrival and pointed out another interesting piece of information.

"It has been a joke among the pilots", Juha-Pekka Keidasto, a veteran pilot for the airline, told the Telegraph. "It's only a coincidence for me", he added.

Why is Friday the 13th a thing?

The Flight number, 666, is widely known as the biblical "mark of the beast" mentioned in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation, and refers to the Antichrist who wreaks havoc on the earth before the second coming of Christ.