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Five former United States presidents come together to raise money for Harvey relief

Five former United States presidents come together to raise money for Harvey relief

Together, these five former presidents have launched One America Appeal, a charity campaign with a fairly bad name that was established to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

The campaign also includes another public service announcement - the original PSA focused on Harvey - that will air Sunday and Monday during National Football League telecasts, The Hill reported.

"As former presidents we want to help our fellow Americans begin to recover", says former President Barack Obama.

"All five living presidents have come together, and they have done so because of what was taking place during and after Harvey", McGrath said.

Donations will be collected and distributed by the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation through a restricted account, the office's statement said.

The former presidents released a video on Thursday together urging Americans to donate to help the survivors of the storm, and highlighted how wonderful it was that Americans had come together to support Texas.

The appeal was a rare showing of bipartisanship in US politics, and President Donald Trump, who has disregarded traditional presidential decorum and has criticized some of his predecessors, endorsed their effort.

While the ad showed all the former presidents speaking about the campaign, President Donald Trump was neither mentioned in the ad nor as part of the campaign. Clinton and George H.W. Bush also teamed up to raise money for the relief efforts after the 2005 Asian tsunami and later Hurricane Katrina. W., a Houston resident, chimed in, "We love you, Texas".

Bush, the former governor of Texas.

However, McGrath said if Hurricane Irma should cause severe damage in Florida, the ex-presidents might consider expanding the recipients. After Haiti's devastating quake in 2010, Obama tapped Clinton and the younger Bush to lead a relief effort.