First sexually transmitted case of Zika virus in Europe recorded


There is now no cure or vaccine against the usually mild Zika virus and the majority of those infected have no symptoms. One of the CDC's main goals is to test... CDC has alist of Zika symptoms on its website. The Aedes mosquito can also transmit dengue fever and chikungunya infection. The situation, according to officials, "meets the conditions for a public health emergency of worldwide concern". "For the US, it really is the territory that is going t..." The agency said after they received 14 reports of possible sexually transmitted Zika virus, they confirmed two cases of this transmission in the lab. Another four probably cases were identified and six investigations are ongoing.

Pregnant women are recommended to consider not going to the event, or to talk to their physician if they find the need to go.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises pregnant women to delay traveling to countries where the virus is being transmitted.

The latest count represents an increase of 5,695 new cases of the mosquito-borne virus in the last week, including 1,300 in pregnant women.

The Food and Drug Administration has also granted the emergency use of a new blood test for the virus. "It has a best medical and open health infrastructure to try and answer some of these questions during a same time that we're perplexing to control a disease". The CDC is urging people to take preventive measures, a call that Dominicci and her husband heeded after the first Zika case was reported in December. "We have sealed ourselves adult during home", pronounced Dominicci, who is scarcely 37 weeks pregnant.

In Arkansas we have had only one case, and that was from someone who traveled to an area where Zika infections are occurring. "Ending a pregnancy at this stage is not even legal".

Microcephaly is an irreversible condition in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and brains and suffer damage to their cognitive and motor development. Health officials expect Zika could infect almost 4 million people as Brazil prepares for the August Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. At least five people have been hospitalized, including a man recovering from Guillain-Barre. Waterman pronounced some-more than 20 percent of a island race could agreement Zika in an conflict that could rise by summer. Since 2015, however active transmission of the virus has spread to Brazil and many other countries. But Zika poses a larger concern, pronounced Dr. Brenda Rivera, a island's epidemiologist. Officials did not offer details surrounding the second abortion, other than to say it involved another woman who had become infected with Zika during the first trimester of her pregnancy. It's a engrossment common by Yelitza Irizarry, a 39-year-old profession who mislaid a baby in Dec and is undergoing flood treatment. When outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers.