This is how PlayerUnknowns's Battlegrounds next update gets a lot more hardcore

First up will be an FOV (field-of-view) slider, which will give players greater control over their view in-game, and following that will be the addition of dedicated first-person view servers. Third-person is the common format, used for surveying large areas for enemy players since you get a wider perspective of the map. One of those requests is first-person hardcore servers. and surprise, that will be coming in its next update.

As IGN reports, the first-person servers won't be included in the default queue. "Our game, platform, engineering, and gameplay teams all need to do work to make it happen, and they are all quite busy with optimisation work at the moment!"

The highly anticipated first-person restricted servers are heading to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds soon, as the game's creator, Brendan Greene - "PlayerUnknown" himself - confirmed the news today on Twitter.

As it's still a work-in-progress feature, it won't be rolled out to all regions at launch. FOV sliders can be crucial in preventing motion sickness, among other things, and are a fixture in most first person games. They'll be available in North America and Europe first, before rolling out in other regions. There's no exact date as to when it will go live, but previous updates have been near the end of the month.