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FIR registered against IAF Pilots for bombing 'trees' in Balakot

IAF Air Strike Pakistan files FIR against IAF pilots for bombing trees in Balakot

The New York Times has apprehended "a nuclear exchange" between Pakistan and India was "most likely" and that it was "not North Korea".

This starts with cracking down on the JeM and other terrorist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba which was responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attack, Bera said, adding that unfortunately, Pakistan's behaviour towards these terrorist groups have been contradictory and self-defeating.

The site matched the coordinates of the satellite images. Contrary to what Prime Minister Narendra Modi would have envisaged, the so-called Indian air strike on Pakistan's Balakot town has rather turned worldwide attention towards the longstanding conflict.

Azhar and Saeed have never been prosecuted under the Pakistan's Anti Terrorism Act, 1997, another official said. The IAF strike was retaliated by Pakistan with an attempt to target military installations in Nowshera and Poonch sectors of Jammu and Kashmir.

Pointing about a tweet by a Pakistan Army spokesperson about the air strike, Modi said: "Is Pakistan stupid to do this (tweet)?"

Going a step ahead, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) warned that India and Pakistan were "flirting with nuclear disaster".

It was the first such incident since 2016, when Pakistan said it had "pushed" an Indian submarine away from its waters.

The Congress leaders are everywhere in Pakistan, starting from media to the Parliament. "There will be no compromise, no matter who is responsible", he said at a recent news conference. Modi's waning popularity needed a drastic change of his fortunes.

An Indian government source also dismissed the video, telling AFP: 'Why would a submarine in Pakistani waters have its periscope up?' Modi's (and India's) reputation has taken a hit militarily, diplomatically and politically.

A New York Times (NYT) editorial on Friday, however, alerted the worldwide community that the ongoing conflict between South Asia's two nuclear-armed neighbours could have unsafe consequences.

After the 2019 polls, the Government of India will fix minimum income.

Only one aircraft was lost by India during Pakistan's unsuccessful attempt at targeting Indian military installations, he said. "Please stop appeasing Pakistan". Restraint in the face on naked aggression and Imran Khan's peace overtures have been acknowledged by world leaders.

"It's hard to see a role as a mediator for Trump, who has shifted the USA more firmly against Pakistan and towards India, where he has pursued business interests". India will continue trying to harm Pakistan militarily and economically, through both kinetic and non-kinetic means. "Pakistan remains in illegal occupation of a part of our territory".