Fingerprint Unlock Comes to WhatsApp Beta for Android

WhatsApp Beta for Android Finally Gets Fingerprint Lock Feature

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp has today rolled out a feature where you will be able to unlock WhatsApp on your smartphone by using the fingerprint sensor on your Android device. According to WABetaInfo, the portal which tracks WhatsApp updates has suggested that this new feature has been rolled out to WhatsApp beta testers and soon-to-be rolled out to all WhatsApp users as well. Believed to have been spotted first by WABetaInfo, the new feature is said to be available on WhatsApp Beta v2.19.221, but only on devices running Android Marshmallow or above.

The social messaging app now allows users to choose when they have to authenticate their identity in order to use the app. Right now, the 2.19.3 beta update is rolling out in batches and it's yet to pop up on Google Play Store as well.

Another advantage that you will get with this feature is that you can decide if want the WhatsApp messages to show n the notification bar or not. You can have the feature automatically lock the app after 1 minute or 30 minutes. If you use the WhatsApp widget and enable Fingerprint Lock, the widget won't show anything, because the content is hidden by default.

While iOS users have a choice between Face ID (their fancy way of referring to face unlock) and Touch ID (fingerprint unlock), Android users will have to make do with the latter which is the only supported option. Then again, that's pretty much to be expected, as that data resides on your handset alone in a secure element, not even Google has access to it. The feature will make its way to the stable version in due course.

Moreover, the new Fingerprint lock works in the same conventional way of your phone's fingerprint unlock feature. Users will need to enable it in Settings, and this feature will allow users to add a layer of protection to their app chats, keeping lurkers at bay. With this feature, you only have to unlock it when you open the app, otherwise, you can attend the WhatsApp calls without unlocking the app.