Final Fantasy VII Remake releases in March 2020

Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Episodic

According to the leak, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download a demo for Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4. Some have taken this to mean that Square Enix has, perhaps, reevaluated the situation and chosen to release the entire game at once.

While many thought the shift from the game's original external developer CyberConnect2 to Square Enix's in-house team would cause a severe delay, the final product will be here much sooner than expected.

A remake was initially attempted in the early 2000s - but despite scoring the original Final Fantasy VII, Uematsu's name was absent from the originally announced team. I was introduced to the series with Final Fantasy IX, and over the last fifteen years I've gone back and played through every main franchise installment at one point or another up until Final Fantasy XIII.

Following the trailer was shown at the concert, it was then uploaded to Square Enix's Japanese YouTube channel. Are many of you planning on picking this one up next year? We should get more FF7 gameplay then.

Final Fantasy VII had it all: Magic materia! Square Enix is holding a press conference tonight, Monday, June 10 at 6 PM ET / 9 PM PT. We still have a lot of questions about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, in any case.

Interestingly, the new press release for Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn't mention anything about the experience being split into multiple parts, which seems like a weird omission if it is indeed being chopped up into pieces.