Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers gets spectacular trailer Benchmark

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Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV Online has exceeded 16 million users worldwide. This announcement comes a little over a month before the game's third major expansion Shadowbringers launches July 2nd.

And as we all patiently wait for Square Enix to provide further details on its built-from-the-ground-up Final Fantasy VII Remake, this graphics mod is the best way to now experience the original game.

Changes in the combat system, including changes to role actions.

You can preorder Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers here.

In addition, you can download the official Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers benchmark software.

The Shadowbringers job actions trailer also debuted, and showcases updated and new abilities for all jobs. The Benchmark can be downloaded at the following link.

Using the benchmark tool, players can test out how their systems will handle the game, as well as get a first peek at its new features, including fancy job skills, the two new races, and the upcoming artifact gear for level 80 characters. Users who create characters using the benchmark will be able to import them into the full game.

Final Fantasy 14 and its expansions are playable on Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 4. "The expansion will bring a world of innovations, including the new Dancer and Gunbreaker trades, the Hrothgar and Viera races, new areas, raids and much more". Is Final Fantasy XIV still going strong?