Fiji Water Girl's Identity Revealed — Golden Globes

Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Richard Madden

Kelleth Cuthbert showed up in the background of almost every star's photo offering bottles of Fiji Water and making "good face" as she became one of the most notorious moments of the awards show.

It's a common enough occurrence at awards shows, but Jamie Lee Curtis wasn't having any of it and this certainly wasn't her first red carpet.

The model made it into the majority of the red carpet snaps.

She quickly became a star and a meme. The bottled water company promises that they "will continue to hydrate more of Hollywood this coming awards season", so does that mean we'll see more of Fiji Water girl Kelleth Cuthbert?

The gorgeous brunette became a viral sensation overnight after pictures from the red carpet started to appear online. "They all work so hard", she said. But, who is the Fiji water girl?

Cuthbert, who usually works as a fashion model and commercial actress, said she wasn't intentionally trying to steal the spotlight - but rather her modeling instincts took over.

Hundreds of memes and comments are now circulating on Twitter in celebration of "Fiji Water Girl". A true cool customer, Cuthbert responded to the question asking if she knew she was trending on Twitter with two simple words: "It's calculated". "Though you can't tell, she's also freaking hilarious!"

With a tray of bottles and a subtly-raised eyebrow, "Fiji Water Girl" was nearly ever-present as the stars arrived, staring straight down the camera and winning over hundreds of social media users.

Rami Malek won a Golden Globe on Sunday for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Other users Photoshopped her into classic film scenes.

Before the end of the Globes telecast, her Instagram follower count was up to around 50,000 and as of Tuesday it was 179,000 and counting.

"I really am so Thankful to everybody", she wrote.

She's married to photographer Christopher Von Steinback.

"We've seen memes going back five, 10, 15 years that are still in common circulation today and there's no reason this can't be one of those".