Festival-goers use app to locate man with 100 stolen cellphones


Henao was arrested at 5:50 PM on Friday (local time), at which point the music festival's police officers found over 100 stolen phones in his backpack. The Sun reported that officials recommended that concertgoers attach valuables to themselves using an elastic band and carrying a "dummy" phone or wallet to thwart theft. Numerous victims followed Henao through the venue until security detained him.

At an event, this massive is pretty reasonable to believe that a significant number of people will lose their phones during a party filled weekend.

A pickpocket who targeted revellers at California's Coachella festival has been arrested after tech-savvy victims managed to track him down using a tracking app. When they arrived, they found 100 stolen smartphones in his backpack. The man has since posted $10,000 bail and has been released.

Indio Police Sgt. Dan Marshall said: "That type of crime lends itself to what concerts are all about, a lot of people, close proximity, a lot of bumping". Multiple phones are now listed on Coachella's docket for Weekend 1, as well as a bunch of driver licenses and a Crate & Barrel shopping bag packed with a dozen champagne glasses.

The department worked through the weekend to reunite the stolen phones with their owners.

And the rest had been handed to lost property at the festival site.

"Glad to have my phone back, so glad.ugh", said Laura Hunt Little.