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Fertility clinic sued for allegedly implanting wrong embryos

Glendale couple sue fertility clinic saying their embryo was implanted into wrong woman

"CHA robbed me of my ability to carry my own child - my baby boy", Mrs. Manukyan said Wednesday, bursting into tears.

A couple in California is suing a fertility center in Los Angeles after they say they were forced to go to court to get custody of their baby from a woman across the country who had given birth to him unwittingly as a result of the facility's error.

The next day, they were called in again, this time met by a doctor and a psychologist who informed them that the swab was in fact a DNA test, confirming that they were the biological parents of a boy delivered by another couple, also patients at CHA, on March 31 in NY.

A NY couple is also suing the same Los Angeles-based fertility clinic.

In March this year, the woman gave birth via cesarean section to two boys, "neither of which was of Asian descent", as the parents are.

The couple then needed to battle within the courts to reclaim their youngster, after the birth couple gave him up.

Instead, one of the Manukyans' embryos was thousands of kilometres away in the uterus of a woman in Queens, New York.

However, they claim Ms. Manukyan was impregnated with someone else's embryo, which did not result in a pregnancy. According to their lawsuit, however, CHA allegedly wanted the DNA swab to confirm if a baby born to a NY woman actually belonged to the Manukyans.

It's unclear from the lawsuits who the third couple is or what happened to the other boy. "It is clearly one of the worst fertility-center tragedies in USA history".

"As a doctor and person, you just feel bad for everyone involved", he said.

It also turned out that Anni and Ashot were not the biological parents of the embryos transplanted to Annie.

Their son, Alec, was six weeks old by the time they got to see him, meeting him in the lobby of a hotel.

"CHA put three families through a living hell, and our lives will never be the same", Ashot Manukyan told reporters.

The scandal was exposed when the Korean-American couple, who identified themselves only as YZ and AP in a lawsuit they filed against CHA last week, delivered two non-Asian boys in their home city of NY.

"They knew the day the babies were born because they had apparently called CHA and told them, okay we're Asian and these children are white, they're Caucasian".

CHA has not responded to repeated requests for a comment.

The family is suing to cover the costs paid to the clinic as well as the legal fees they spent to get custody of the boy.

CHA Fertility Center on Wilshire Boulevard implanted the couple's embryo through IVF in a woman who gave birth to the two babies in NY, and implanted the Glendale woman with an embryo from a third couple, lawyers from Peiffer Wolf Carr and Kane allege.

"During those weeks of uncertainty, Anni and Ashot had zero assurance that they would ever even be able to meet their child". I don't understand how CHA could have done this to us, the most important thing in our lives.

"Anni and Ashot do not know whose embryos were actually transferred to Anni on that day".

The three couples were all at the clinic on the same day in August 2018 to have embryos transferred.

"IVF in the a huge success story", Dr. Eric Widra, chief medical officer of fertility clinic Shady Grove Fertility, told INSIDER.