Feds looking into Bernie Sanders, wife over real estate deal

Lets Not Rush This: Senators Urge Health Care Vote Delay

They showed up at Burlington College to sift through hard drives, audit reports and spreadsheets.

"We will not allow 23 million Americans to be thrown off of the health insurance they now have in order to give more than $500 billion in tax breaks to the top two percent, to the insurance companies, to the drug companies and to other multi-national companies", Sanders said to cheers. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who each have expressed serious reservations with the bill for very different reasons, proclaimed during exclusive interviews on Sunday's "Meet The Press" that rushing a vote before the July 4th recess would be unwise. Holm told Seven Days she spoke with Matt Shagam, an attorney with Burlington lawyer Rich Cassidy's firm.

Last week, Bernie Sanders told a Burlington television station the allegations were nonsense.

"The Democratic brand is pretty bad", the former Democratic presidential candidate stated.

On the sidewalk outside a small concert venue in its Arena District, Columbus resident Kelly O'Rourke, 55, said the political tab for any potential harm the law might do to a grandson born with health issues or her own costs would come due on Capitol Hill.

Windom could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday. In conversations with more than two dozen attendees at weekend events headlined by Sen. It pressed for a federal investigation into potential bank fraud.

"We will not allow 23 million Americans to be thrown off of the health insurance they now have in order to give $500 billion in tax breaks to the top 2 percent, the insurance companies and drug companies", Sanders said at the event hosted by Move On Civic Action and several other progressive organizations.

So how is Bernie Sanders involved in this case? All of this relates to the collapse of Burlington College and Jane Sanders' role in what happened. Under her stewardship, the college fell to pieces under the weight of crushing debt. Holm said she gave the agent paper and digital records.

The investigation stems from a January 2016 complaint by Brady Toensing, who was Chairman of Donald Trump's Vermont campaign. The networks have yawned at the news that Sanders and his wife Jane are being targeted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for possibly inappropriately urging a bank to approve a loan of Mrs. Sanders, then the Prresident of a Vermont college.

In 2010, Jane Sanders, then-President of Burlington College and wife of United States Senator Bernard Sanders, orchestrated the college's purchase of the Diocese's headquarters property for $10 million dollars. The college ended up selling much of the land, which is now being developed.

"We talked about my recollection of Burlington College finances". Even while Hillary Clinton battled Bernie for the Democratic crown, more accusations emerged that would eventually add to her election demise. He refused to provide further detail about the discussion.