Federation Internationale de Football Association 20 announced | PC

FIFA 20 Trailer reveals Volta a FIFA Street mode reimagined for PS4 and Xbox One consoles

Volta, as far as we can tell, is a new game mode which reminds us of the early 2000s classic FIFA Street.

It said the new game mode has been inspired by the authentic small-sided form of football played in streets, cages, and futsal courts across the world. Earn rewards, customize your player, and recruit for your squad, culminating in the Volta World Championship tournament in Buenos Aires.

Furthermore, Football Intelligence delivers a whole new approach to gameplay that raises the quality bar in FIFA 20, leveling up the authenticity players experience on the virtual pitch. Finally, the Ball Physics System offers new shot trajectories, more realistic tackle interactions, and physics-driven behavior, elevating gameplay to a new level of realism.

Volta Football gives you countless ways to customise and personalise your player. You'll also be able to partake in a VOLTA story campaign. The FIFA 20 gameplay "Deep Dive" will arrive in mid-July for gamers to get more insight into what makes the new game tick. This is true for this year's release but there is also the addition of Volta Football to look forward to.

Volta's pitches will all be varied too, offering different sized arenas, and those with and without walls, too. As part of the mode, players will be able to visit London, Amsterdam, and a rooftop in Tokyo. Usually, the Legacy Edition moniker is used on systems that are really old but they still want to put out an updated Federation Internationale de Football Association, previous year the PlayStation 3 received Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 Legacy Edition for example. Both male and female player avatars will be available, and players can custom-tailor everything from skin tone and hair style to clothing, tattoos, accessories, and more. This will allow players to don shirts, sweaters, shoes, and vanity items galore as they progress through the new VOLTA game mode.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 20 will be, once again, powered by the Frostbite Engine and we expect the PC version to perform wonderfully on our platform.

The company have confirmed that the latest instalment in the series - FIFA 20 - will introduce "Volta Football", a mode that is extremely similar to FIFA Street.

The FIFA 20 portion of that livestream kicks off on Saturday, June 8 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM BST (that's 4 AM AET on June 9).