Fans Freak Out After Fox Cancels 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Kevin Estrada  FOX

Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been canceled by the network, as reported by CNN, as it looks to clear room on its schedule for a crop of new shows. TV Line reports that FOX has made a decision to cancel Will Forte's delightfully silly comedy after four seasons, with co-star January Jones also announcing the news on her Instagram.

The first season averaged an impressive 4.80 million viewers, which was beaten by its season two average rating of 4.87 million viewers.

"Wow. Thank you all for this incredible outpouring of support". The hashtags #RenewB99 and #SaveB99, among others, quickly took off; fans everywhere started weighing in on the many merits of the show and how much it has meant to them over its five seasons. It's the only show left on FOX from an outside studio, in this case Universal TV.

GQ said that "the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine sings in just about every mode of amusing, pivoting from slapstick goofery to witty barbs and smart character-based gags effortlessly".

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which stars SNL veteran Andy Samberg, premiered in 2013. "This is a fan reaction to a TV series cancellation the magnitude of which we have rarely seen", said Nellie Andreeva from Deadline. While Fox is dumping the show, its season five may not be the show's last.

According to the Hollywood reporter, Hulu, Netflix, TBS and NBC are all considering picking up the Nine-Nine for a new season.

Fortunately, Brooklyn Nine-Nine reached the syndication milestone during its last season, when it aired its 100th episode.

The writing was on the wall for The Mick after the Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth cancellations, which is probably not surprising as The Mick's life story closely mirrors the other two.

Sadly like it's recently canceled brethren, The Mick then struggled in its second season.