Fans consider Texans practice with Packers a treat

Aaron Rodgers Family Night Tease

JJ Watt is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "break tradition".

The sound took a lot of Packers fans by surprise Thursday night at the preseason opener against the Houston Texans.

"The bike that I was using was not equipped for a 290-pound man, and the seat broke off", Watt told reporters after the practice. "You could see when we're at practice sometimes, I don't know if we're playing the music too loud or what, but they're having a hard time hearing me with Walkie Talkies. I apologize for that".

Not to worry, Watt upgraded to a larger bike to finish off his childhood dream ride.

"I just want anything that's going to get people out of their seat and make it a true home field advantage", said LaFluer.

And Watt, to his credit, joined the Packers players and fans in one of the best traditions involving National Football League teams. "The kickoff especially is one of the most risky plays in football and that's why they've tweaked different things over the years, close to a live kickoff drill I don't think is best use of a inter-squad practice like that".

He continued, "I mean, that's what it's all about".

DeShone Kizer was 8 for 13 with 102 yards and a touchdown and the Packers topped the Houston Texans 28-26 in the preseason opener for both teams and the first game for LaFleur as head coach. "For me to be able to participate in it as a player was cool".

"I doubt that they'll let me out there", he said. So what does the director of fan experience at Lambeau do? "Like I've said all along, it was a dream of mine as a kid, so it's going to be pretty cool whether I'm playing or not".