'Fallout 76' brings the apocalypse to West Virginia

Fallout 76 emotes

Although there was no confirmation of a release date for Fallout 76, pre-orders for the game will begin on June 15. The story takes place in the hills of West Virginia. The game will be four times the size of Fallout 4, and you will be among the first to explore this vast new wasteland. It'll be your job to rebuild civilization. The narrative seems focused on the idea of rebuilding after the destruction - 76 will be set before Fallout 4.

During the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, Todd Howard hopped onto the stage to showcase Fallout 76 which was officially announced a few weeks ago. Ever since Bethesda made a decision to join in on the fun and hold its own event prior to the show floor opening, it has consistently been one of the most exciting showcases. The game is coming to XBO, PS4, and PC.