Facebook suspends around 200 apps in data misuse investigation

Facebook suspends around 200 apps in data misuse investigation

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has suspended in the neighborhood of 200 apps that had access to a large amount of user data.

As part of its response to the crisis, Facebook says it has has investigated thousands of apps since CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised an internal audit back in March.

Cambridge Analytica was a political consultancy firm, which not only improperly obtained personal user data through various apps on Facebook, but allegedly used it to understand and influence voters in the 2016 Presidential election-with many citizens confident it contributed to Donald Trump's election. First, he wanted to investigate all apps that had previously had access to large amounts of information before changes to Facebook in 2014 significantly reduced data access.

Any app that fails Facebook's audit process will be banned from the site and users will be able to see if they or their friends installed the app from a special website.

The company did not release the name of the apps it suspended. Were these 200 apps chosen simply because they requested or acquired user data, or because Facebook already has evidence or suspicion that they held onto and sold the data?

The investigation, which Archibong says is "in full swing", has covered thousands of apps so far (no word on how many apps Facebook has left to scrutinize). In late March, media reported that the personal information of about 50 million Facebook users had been harvested by Cambridge Analytica without the social media site's consent during the 2016 United States presidential campaign.

Welp, it looks like another quiz app may have exposed millions of Facebook users' personal data.

While Facebook is still investigating mypersonality, the incident is worth noting because it provides some details as to why some of the other 199 apps might have been suspended by Facebook.

The third point was to make sure users understand which apps are allowed to access their data. If they did, Facebook said it would ban them and let people know via a dedicated page on its Help Center, just like it did with Cambridge Analytica. "We will keep you updated on our progress", the post added.

Do you trust Facebook to safeguard your data?