Facebook says outage is 'not related to a DDoS attack'

A screengrab of the live outage map from

Several of Facebook's most popular social media platforms are suffering partial outages around the world, largely affecting users across the Americas and Europe.

Facebook is now down with people all around the globe having difficulty accessing the world's largest social network.

Users are reporting receiving error messages when trying to access Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger has also been affected and has also been having issues at the same time around Instagram.

According to, a large spike in reports of problems with Facebook happened just before noon. Facebook and Instagram appear to be loading very slowly or not at all.

Social media users flocked to Twitter to complain about the outage after finding that not only is Facebook down, but Instagram is too.

Facebook later confirmed that the issue is not related to a DDoS attack, in which hackers overwhelm the site with fake traffic, reports explain.

It has reported more than 1,600 cases of outages. Today though, many have expressed outrage on Twitter, which is the only medium that they can access, about its direct rivals. "We have clients that spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per day advertising on those channels".

We've reached out to the company for more information on the source of the current problems, and will update if we hear back.