Facebook Notifies 800000 Users About Blocking Bug

Facebook Notifies 800000 Users About Blocking Bug

To be clear, Egan insists that the temporarily unblocked users were not given access to content that users shared with those they categorize as "friends". Content shared with the friends-only preference would not have been accessible to the unblocked person.

Egan said that the issue has now been fixed and all of the block settings have been restored.

Facebook has apologised after a bug temporarily unblocked people that users had blocked on the social network.

When a user blocks someone on Facebook they can not see things posted by the user, start conversations with the user on Messenger or add as a friend. For that reason, Facebook will be reaching out to all the affected users, asking them to check their blocked list.

The bug was live from May 29th until June 5, the company says.

The bug pertains to an issue related to the blocking function. In addition, by blocking someone who was previously a friend, you automatically unfriend them. The company's Chief Privacy Officer said that the bug remained active between May 29th and June 5th.

Almost 83 per cent of people affected by the bug had only one person they had blocked temporarily unblocked.

However, Facebook did not yet explain how this bug occurred and why it existed only for one week.

So, what happens now if you are one of the 800,000 users affected by the unblock malfunction? The tech giant also said that 83 percent of its users were affected. However, Facebook also asks that you check your blocked list to make sure it still includes all of those previously on your list.

It's still unknown if Facebook discovered the error by itself or realized it after receiving complaints from users and the company has not revealed when the error was discovered too.