Facebook 'not aware of any abuse' of data by phone makers

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One Apple's upcoming iOS 12 features is Screen Time, which creates weekly reports that show which mobile apps dominate your attention in addition to letting you limit the amount of time spent on them.

Apple today unveiled new features coming in iOS 12 that are meant to protect its users' digital wellbeing. "We first introduced parental controls for iPhone in 2008, and our team has worked thoughtfully over the years to add features to help parents manage their children's content".

Apple will offer more ways for people to limit the time they spend on iPhones while introducing features created to make its products even more indispensable.

Apple will encourage users to share photos with their friends by suggesting such opportunities in a new "for you" tab. Also, with a point and a click, adults can use an iPhone camera to measure the dimensions of a 3D object such as a table or box.

A new "bedtime" mode will be made available, adding features to the Do Not Disturb setting to darken device screens and hide notifications until the morning.

Apple's software upgrades also include features that would help users understand how much time they are spending on their devices, amid concerns of growing smartphone "addiction". You'll also be able to set time limits for apps.

In iPhone, iPad, and Mac software updates later this year, Apple's default Safari web browser will show a pop-up window asking users for permission before loading share buttons from social networks, including Facebook. Apple's senior vice-president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, said that there would be greater protection for users against developers that want to collect and use their data.

During Monday's annual parade of new products and software changes, Apple said it will start asking Safari users to opt-in to the people tracking Facebook does well beyond its own borders through the like buttons and Facebook-enabled comment sections that appear on a galaxy of websites. Many were quick to roll their eyes at Apple's new Animoji and Memoji-the company's apparent take on the popular Bitmoji. The idea, Federighi said, would be make your Mac look like all the other Macs.

iOS 12 will finally be revamping Apple's reviled notification system and granting users some ability to control them, including granular notification controls and bundled notifications.

The company also doubled down on its commitment to privacy with the introduction of tools to prevent advertisers from tracking users of Apple devices from being tracked online.

Finally, the firm issued many updates to built-in apps. iBooks is now Apple Books, the News and Stock apps have merged, Siri gained a new shortcut feature that will let users set up macros. "This will allow "" to track your activity".