Facebook and Instagram are down - who broke the internet?

RAGING Users have reported that Instagram Facebook and Whatsapp are down

But WhatsApp did not acknowledge the problem on its Twitter account. The outages apparently started as early as 8:04 am EDT, and 85% of those who complained about Facebook on DownDetector say that images were affected by the issue.

The issue is not limited to the USA, either, as users in Asia and Europe are also reporting problems accessing the site, as well as accessing their photos and videos.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered outages earlier this year in March and April. Luckily for us, the issues have been resolved.

Starting at around 10am EST (7am PST), users of Facebook and Instagram began reporting that photos weren't showing up after being uploaded.

In an updated statement just before 6am AEST, Facebook said it appeared to have inadvertently triggered the issue.

According to Down Detector, an online service which calls itself "the weatherman of the internet", reports of network issues on all three Facebook-owned apps spiked at about 1am AEST.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNET that the company "triggered an issue" during routine maintenance, which made it hard for some people to send or upload photos and videos.

The users of the popular social networking app Instagram experience a restless lag while trying to access their feed on Wednesday.

Facebook reported that an unspecified problem occurred during the routine maintenance that took hours to resolve.

But users noticed something peculiar during the outage - instead of their pictures, text tags used by Facebook's machine learning systems were displayed instead.

Facebook and Instagram are still down.

"We're nearly at 100% resolved", Twitter Support updated at 3:34 p.m. PT.

Facebook said it is aware of the issue and working to fix the issue.

Instagram has received more than 14,000 reported issues in the last 24 hours. Some users were unaffected while others were unable to connect to the service, or log in to the service once connected, or use Outlook without difficulties.