Facebook Adds Location Controls For Android Users 02/21/2019

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The company has rolled out new location control for Android app users, and it's sending an alert to users - both on iOS and Android - to check their location settings for the app.

Social media platform Facebook has introduced a new update to its Android app that allows users to choose whether or not to share their location with Facebook when they are not using the app. To address user concerns about the extent to which Facebook's Android app can access location data, Facebook has now updated its location controls. Facebook is also alerting people who turned on Location History in the past to tell them about the new control and ask them to check and change their settings if necessary. If you've ever given it permission to know your location, it is likely tracking where you are all the time, even when the app is closed. The same is true if you have turned off Location History. Your current settings will remain the way they are even after the new feature rolls out.

If you've previously turned location sharing off, you don't need to worry - it will stay turned off when the app is updated. For instance, Facebook can help people catch up with friends who are nearby or use location data to recommend the fastest route to reach a destination.

Launch the Facebook Android app and click on the triple line icon at the right-hand side top part.

Notably, Facebook said it wouldn't be "collecting any new information as a result of this update".

Select "Location" and toggle the button to turn off the location history. For people who use Facebook for iOS, nothing is changing.

This is a significant development, considering the backlash Facebook received last spring after it was revealed that the text and call data on Android phones was being saved by Facebook app all along. Apple already allows users to prevent apps from accessing their location when the app isn't open, so Facebook did not add the feature to its iOS app.

Other the other hand, Facebook is updating location information to include the primary location for users at the city or postal code level.