F1: A Monaco marvel and Chinese ambition: Five things for Shanghai GP

F1: A Monaco marvel and Chinese ambition: Five things for Shanghai GP

This time it caught me out so I'm not happy about that, but it'll swing around and come back to others sometime.

"Something we agreed with both drivers is, in a few races' time, things may chance for whatever reason - bad luck or whatever could be the situation - we may change our position, no doubt", he said.

Verstappen was more diplomatic after he had hopped out of his auto, insisting there's an unwritten rule amongst drivers when preparing for a qualifying lap. In the ultimate game of brinkmanship, in the final moments of Q3 all ten drivers headed out, nearly as one. An average lap takes close to 1 minute and 33 seconds on the Chinese GP for the top 10.

Verstappen was sentenced to two days of public service by Formula One's governing body after he shoved Esteban Ocon three times following the conclusion of last November's race in Brazil.

Four-time world champion Vettel, who went fastest in the morning practice, again set the early pace in the second session before Bottas stepped up his challenge. A lot of them were anxious about missing out on their final runs due to the approaching end of the Q3. If you look at my lap time from Q2, I did just one lap time.

Verstappen was told "You need to go now" over the team radio.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen of the Netherlands steers his vehicle during the qualifying session for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Vettel defended himself afterwards, saying he had no choice but to overtake in order to make it across the line for his final Q3 lap. While there is no rule about overtaking on the qualifying laps, there is a sort of gentleman's agreement among the drivers, to not pass each other on the second last or the last corner before a flying lap.

The Finn was on course for victory in Shanghai past year until a virtual safety auto handed it to then-Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, who has yet to score a point this season for Renault, instead.

Vettel's spin in the race in Bahrain was amateur.

Verstappen was raging though. However, along with Red Bull they slipped up when they failed to cross the line before the chequered flag fell and blew their one planned Q3 run.

"They are such w*nkers honestly. It was ok a year ago, and I need to change a bit the way I drive to get the maximum from the vehicle".

Vettel finished fifth there after a late spin, and media in Ferrari's native Italy have their knives out.

"It is important to find a compromise between qualifying and the race here, but the Team has the experience and the knowledge so I'm sure we'll find the right direction for tomorrow".