Embattled Gov. Chris Christie Talks New Jersey Jobs, Economy Amid Resignation Calls


Chris Christie, speaking in New Jersey, appeared unphased by the Internet reaction he faced for his facial expressions during Donald Trump's Super Tuesday speech.

Christie has been the subject of severe criticism, from political allies and his home state press, since announcing last week he would support and occasionally stump with Trump.

RUSH: Translation: No more hostage video placement for me.

Christie said he did not watch Mitt Romney's scathing speech against Trump today, but saw scattered reports on it as he was preparing for the news conference.

A Star-Ledger columnist responded with a list of times the newspaper had backed initiatives supported by Christie, along with endorsing his 2013 re-election campaign. "It really doesn't matter to me". And on Super Tuesday night, when Trump racked up a string of significant victories, Christie appeared less than thrilled to be up on stage with him.

Repeating an argument he made earlier this week on his call-in radio show, Christie said he and Trump have been close friends for the last 14 years and that he considered him the best remaining choice to beat Democratic front-runner Clinton in the November general election.

"I'm here, I'm back to work", said Christie.

Harrison said that Christie, who loves attention, may be playing second fiddle to someone who wants it even more. "All these armchair psychiatrists should give it a break... Do it hard. Do it as I always have and the people of New Jersey will see it", he said.

One Twitter user said the New Jersey Governor, who could be eyeing up a shot as running as Trump's VP, had "the face of a man who sold his soul". Listen, I don't know what I was supposed to be doing....

As far as his intended topic of conversation, Christie said New Jersey's latest unemployment rate of 4.8 percent is the lowest it's been since he took office in 2010, inheriting a 9.8 percent mark.

"Going and being a supporter of another candidate, and spending all of your time out of state supporting another candidate, you know, you can't do both", she said. "I think the answer is he picked, he is staying, he is going to be here, he is going to be the governor, which I think is good for the state of New Jersey". The size of the field, Christie said, was partially to blame for not allowing any of the governors to succeed. When a reporter asked if he would resign if he were Trump's pick for vice president, he replied, "Next!"