Elon Musk sends engineers to help Thai cave rescue

Thai Cave Boys Rescue

He wrote that engineers from two of his companies, the aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and the tunnel-construction company Boring Company, were leaving for Thailand on Saturday to offer assistance to the Thai government. Engineers and rescue teams equipped to aid the Thai government have been volunteering to help-a former Thai Navy SEAL died from lack of oxygen as he worked to save the boys-but so far have had no luck.

They remained trapped inside the cave complex for almost two weeks before they made first contact with rescuers from the United Kingdom at around 10:30 p.m. on Monday at about 1.2 miles deep inside the cave.

In a separate tweet, Musk proposed inserting a nylon tube - 1 meter in diameter - through the cave network and inflating it with air "like a bouncy castle".

However, the dive is complex - with one Navy SEAL dying during the rescue efforts - and numerous boys do not know how to swim. He also tweeted suggestions like inflatable tubes and pods to create an air tunnel passageway underwater.

When the whole world is praying for a safe return of the boys, a Twitter user asked for Elon Musk's help.

Musk said earlier this week that technicians could pump water through the cave and provide Tesla-made battery packs to provide electricity to boost the pump rate. "Prob need to enter tube, zip up & then transit".

The cave system is some six miles long, and the main concern now is that the rising water levels are cutting short their oxygen supply.

Officials had initially considered leaving the boys in the chamber to wait out the rainy season - which could have seen them trapped there for up to four months.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, the governor of the Chiang Rai region, where the cave is situated, said the boys had enough strength to walk but could not swim to safety. "If so, could dropship fully charged Powerpacks and pumps".

He said: "Boring Co has advanced ground penetrating radar & is pretty good at digging holes".

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Now, per the BBC, renewed hope joins those emotions after Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stepped forward to offer the services of yet another one of his businesses, the Boring Company.