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Elizabeth Warren Listen As "American Indian'' On Texas Bar Registration"

Warren struggles to move past Native American heritageĀ flap

Christopher noted Warren has given conflicting statements on whether or not she was an independent and who she voted for in the 1980 and 1984 presidential elections.

Warren filled out the card in April 1986 using blue ink, making it the first document to show her claim about her ancestry using her own handwriting.

Warren claims she never benefited from minority status, but the senator is apologizing again, after documents discovered by the Washington Post revealed she listed "American Indian" as her race when she joined the Texas Bar in 1986.

As she prepares to formally announce her presidential bid, Sen.

Another reporter followed up by asking whether there could be any other documents on which she identified herself as an "American Indian".

In a Democratic primary already dominated by candidates expressing remorse for past actions, Warren's repentance stood out, both for the distraction the controversy has become for her candidacy and the complexity of her efforts to move beyond it.

This week's news about Warren comes as Democrats grapple with accusations of racial insensitivity after the Democratic governor and attorney general in Virginia admitted to wearing blackface in the 1980s. "I am not a member of the tribe and I have apologized for not being more sensitive to that distinction".

Responding to the accusation that Warren's ethnicity factored into her rise in the legal world, an aide pointed to an exhaustive Boston Globe investigation published a year ago. The results showed that Warren may only be 1/1024 Native American Indian.

President Trump has referred to Warren as Pocahontas throughout his presidency.

Still, Warren has sometimes compounded the problem. Instead, it drew quick criticism from some Native Americans, including a Cherokee Nation official, as insensitive and fumbling.

Warren said that she told the Cherokees' Principal Chief Bill John Baker last week that she was "sorry for adding confusion about tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty and for harm caused to native tribes - and also for not being more mindful of that decades ago", Warren said. "It's an important distinction".

Warren, who made a career in academia with research on how debt leads to personal bankruptcy, reported no mortgage on homes in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Washington. "Nothing about my background ever had anything to do with any job I got in any place", she explained, according to ABC News.