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Elizabeth Smart kidnapper to be released from prison in surprise move

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper to be released from prison in surprise move

For her part, Smart detailed her nine-month-long ordeal in her book "My Story".

Wanda Barzee is an accomplice in the 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.

The woman who helped kidnap then-teenager Elizabeth Smart in 2002 has been granted parole in a surprise reversal by the Utah Board of Pardons.

During Mitchell's trial, Smart testified she was taken from her bed and marched up a rugged mountain path in her red silk pajamas.

Barzee's husband Brian David Mitchell is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in a high-security federal prison in Arizona.

After completing her federal prison term, Barzee was returned to Utah on April 8, 2016 to serve the remainder of her Utah prison sentence.

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole said Tuesday that Barzee will be freed September 19 after authorities determined they had miscalculated the time Barzee previously served in federal custody.

Utah Board of Pardons and Parole spokesman Greg Johnson said Barzee will be freed on September 19. Fox13, however, reports her release will come five years before it was expected she would be eligible for parole, which would have been 2023.

"It is incomprehensible how someone who has not cooperated with her mental health evaluations or risk assessments and someone who did not show up to her own parole hearing can be released into our community", she said.

I appreciate the support, love and concern that has already been expressed and will work diligently to address the issue of Barzee's release as well as to ensure changes are made moving forward to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else in the future. She is now a child safety activist.

She was born on November 3, 1987 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Elizabeth Smart blasted the pending release of one of her captors on Tuesday, calling it "incomprehensible" and saying she was surprised and disappointed.

Upon returning home, Smart completed high school and later attended Brigham Young University, earning a bachelor's degree in music.

Smart, who is now 30 and has since married, has become an advocate for the prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

In July 2011, she joined ABC News as a commentator, focusing mainly on missing persons.

Ms Smart said in an Instagram post after the hearing that she is not a vindictive person but was anxious about Barzee's release after learning she was still carrying a manuscript containing revelations that accomplice Brian David Mitchell said he received from God telling him to kidnap Ms Smart. She alerted her parents of the abduction just before 4am local time, but they initially thought she was dreaming until they found the room's screen window cut open.

As for the conditions of Wanda's release, her attorney Scott C. Williams told The Salt Lake Tribune that Wanda will not be "on parole with the state system" and instead will be under federal supervision.

The victim's family is just as shocked as Elizabeth is, we've learned.

Smart was found nine months later, walking down a street in the suburb of Sandy with Barzee and Mitchell, a drifter and self-described prophet who called himself Emmanuel.