EA Announces Origin Access Premier

Madden NFL 19

Electronic Arts announced Origin Access Premier, a subscription service for the PC platform which will include all major releases on the day they are released. But if you have Access Premier, you'll get to play once it comes out - it (and all other new EA games) will be included as part of your subscription.

That'll help keep your hard drive from getting too cluttered, or needing to set aside a night purely for downloading and installing EA's ever-more-massive games.

Now, rather than back-catalog games, there'll be the option to play all of the newest titles. It'll also include all the titles from the existent Origin Access tier.

Anthem, a social, connected Action-RPG with cooperative multiplayer at its heart. The biggest addition will be instant access to new games as they release. Along with a 10% discount on Origin purchases.

Origin Access Premier will be priced $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year, with users soon able to pre-register at the official Origin Access site. There'll be unlimited access to The Sims 4 - including, EA says, content from the Digital Deluxe Update, the Dine Out Game Pack, and the Kids Room Stuff Pack. Origin Access Premier unlocks unprecedented levels of choice and value for players who love PC games.