EA acquires Titanfall developer Respawn


The deal will cost EA a massive $151 million in cash, and up to $164 million in stock. "Our longtime partnership is grounded in a shared desire to push the boundaries and deliver extraordinary and innovative new experiences for players around the world".

A - EA will provide us with more resources, access to new technologies, and expertise in areas that Respawn values for future growth.

Respawn will also receive bonuses related to Metacritic scores for its upcoming games, Titanfall 3 and an untitled Star Wars game. The two former Infinity Ward heads were infamously fired and sued by Activision in 2010 before forming Respawn Entertainment. At the time, Respawn co-founder Jason West praised how the deal was structured, telling Games Industry at the time, "the EA Partners deal really seemed like it would allow us the freedom and independence to do whatever we wanted".

The buy-out is a lucrative one as Respawn has a number of projects in the works including a new Star Wars game as well as a new Titanfall and a VR game. Explained head of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella in an open letter to fans on the Respawn Blog.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind Titanfall, has been sold to Electronic Arts, the publisher of those titles. The mega-publisher bought the Titanfall developer for over $400 million after outbidding South Korean publisher, Nexon.

EA announced it has acquired Respawn Entertainment. A lot of gamers are dumbfounded by Respawn's decision to sign the contract with EA when they're known for gutting and killing popular studios, but according to Zampella it wasn't because the studio was in financial straits or because they were desperate.

Whatever it is, we'll likely hear more about it soon with EA taking charge of Respawn. HE says EA supports Respawn and doesn't change their way of making games. With that being the case it is a bit of surprise that that they would go down this route once again instead of remaining independent, even though they have only really done for EA anyways. EA had 30 days to match that offer, which they chose to do.

Not only is there going to be a new Titanfall but its developers, who also helped create Call Of Duty, are now set to join EA Worldwide Studios.