E3 2019: Xbox Unveils Project Scarlet, 60 New Games

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It's not a bad deal, and Microsoft tried to make it sweeter by offering everyone the chance to enjoy a single month of the service for the low price of £1. There, he unveiled Project Scarlett, the next Xbox console, scheduled to launch for the holidays in 2020. We do know that it's supposed to be up to four times more powerful than Xbox One X, whatever that means. Curiously, none of these games actually show up as available through US' game pass either, and I'm just working on this using the text-based list of available games. These games will be coming to the BC program over the next several days, and the game Too Human will be available for free as a parting gift. Like most reasonable people, I kept my expectations in check regarding all three of these subjects, but I was still taken aback at how little Microsoft had to say about any of them. Hopefully, we will learn more about Project xCloud later this year. The last iteration of the Xbox - the Xbox One - launched in 2013. Players with a high-speed Internet connection will be able to play games on Stadia at 60FPS in 4K, something that's Project xCloud couldn't match by leveraging the existing Xbox One S hardware, or even the more powerful Xbox One X architecture. Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that Xbox One owners will have a chance to try xCloud for themselves in October via console streaming, allowing them to stream games from their Xbox One to a variety of devices, including smartphones.

A new installment of Microsoft's flagship Halo series, Halo Infinite, will release alongside the new Project Scarlett console.

This should definitely be of interest if you're looking for a way to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for cheap. Yes, we're still yet to see the console in action, and Microsoft instead spent its time at this year's E3 discussing its SSD and lack of loading screens.

In any case, Project Scarlet is supposed to provide 8K support and the ability to run content at 120FPS, although it's doubtful that these two will happen at the same time.

For more information head over to the Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta page.

"They aren't losing the narrative for next gen consoles to Sony and it builds their hybrid gaming future", said Matthew Kanterman, a video game analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence, said of Microsoft's announcement.