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Durban rescuers dig trench to save newborn stuck in a drain

Baby rescued in Durban

A resident who was out for an early morning walk thought he could hear a cat mewing from beneath a steel drain cover and lifted the lid up to look inside.

Hardcastle, the chief trauma specialist at the hospital, said the little girl was healthy and in good spirits, besides having mild hypothermia on arrival. Rescuers were able to make their way down the drain pipes and locate the baby.

The team confirmed that a baby girl was stuck and was being washed further down the pipe.

McKenzie said police are on the scene to investigate the circumstances that lead to baby being in the drain.

Emergency services quickly descended on the scene and following a lengthy operation - which saw them dig down to the pipe, cut it open and pull the baby out - managed to rescue her.

He added that an Air Mercy helicopter was en route to hastily transport the child to hospital.

Her cries were first noticed by a passer-by.

She's been airlifted to hospital and is in a stable condition.

This was the site where emergency services conducted a harrowing three-hour rescue of a newborn baby girl with the placenta still attached, who had been trapped down the drain. The community was also very supportive and helpful which was great'.