Doom and Wolfenstein II Are Making Its Way to Switch

Doom Nintendo Switch

The game will also run on the same engine on Switch with the Campaign and Multiplayer returning on the console with some new aspects being added into the multiplayer.

However, today we're getting a closer look at just how well DOOM on Switch stacks up to the competition, thanks to some side-by-side screenshots.

Firstly, last year's highly acclaimed Doom reboot (review) will be heading to the Switch, making it the first entry in the franchise on a Nintendo system since Doom II on the Game Boy Advance back in 2002.

The Hybrid Console by Nintendo is getting two wonderful sweet new additions to its list of treats and an even sweeter for the console owners and fans.

What won't be included is the SnapMap Editor, which is something Bethesda has ruled out for the Switch version. The demonic shooter will be released for the Switch sometime in November or December.

"Skyrim was revealed for Switch in June, and will include all-new gameplay features like motion controls for combat and lockpicking, outfits and gear from The Legend of Zelda, plus bonus loot unlocked from compatible The Legend of Zelda amiibo", Bethesda explains.

Wolfenstein II is set to release on October 27th of this year, so many in the community are speculating that we won't see the title for the Switch until mid-2018, at the earliest.

It is somewhat surprising the removal of Doom for the list of Xbox One X enhanced titles since other games from Bethesda such as Dishonored 2, Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, and Fallout 4 are being enhanced for the console.

These new announcements will prove big news for fans who have seen a lot of the biggest titles of 2017 past it by. Most people knew that it was coming and fans did not know what to expect.