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Donna Brazile in San Francisco: Nancy Pelosi Should 'Scoot Over'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. Warren accused the Education Department on Thursday Sept. 29 2016 of moving forward with debt collection against nearly 80,000 former students

Her new story is that there is just "some bias" at the DNC but the primary was fair. But she delayed her principles until after the election, in which she and her party were rejected by the American people because we already knew of Hillary's absolute crookedness. Interestingly, the book refers to the alleged rigging and she writes, "By September 7". She said her concerns about a lack of resources for party activists on the ground in swing states like MI and Wisconsin were shrugged off at Clinton's Brooklyn headquarters.

When pressed on whether she agreed with claims the DNC had been rigged, the senator, who ultimately endorsed Clinton over Sanders at the end of the 2016 Democratic primary, said "Yes".

Meanwhile, Clinton and her allies have pushed back hard against Brazile's description of events.

"CNN did not give me any questions", Brazile told the crowd. Where is my father's Democrat party, that of FDR and JFK?

"I think she talks truth, and what she talks about she says with great passion, great heart", said Richard Rubin of the Commonwealth Club. Bernie Sanders was "fair".

"I've loved Donna Brazile for many years, I really respect her, but she pulled a faux pas in this election and I'm not sure that I've forgiven her for it", said Farhner. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and other rivals.

Brazile strongly implies in the book that she believed the 2016 primary was "rigged" against Vermont Sen. But another subject which hasn't been asked about almost as much caused the one-time head of the Democratic party to get emotional during an interview Thursday.

President Donald Trump and conservative commentators have seized on those comments, with Trump tweeting last week that Brazile's account proves that the primary was "bought and paid for by Crooked H".

"I don't want the Dianne Feinsteins and Nancy Pelosi to leave the room".

Brazile also said the nation needs to take immediate action to stop hacking and interference from foreign operatives in US elections.