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Donald Trump is Scrooge in Saturday Night Live cold open

Donald Trump is Scrooge in Saturday Night Live cold open

Soon, he's spooked by a Michael Flynn character, who has just pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Check out the cold opening video below.

Another Saturday, and another "Saturday Night Live" cold open mocking President Donald Trump, members of his administration, or anything else Trump-related.

First to arrive is Billy Bush, the Access Hollywood host who was sacked after hot mic audio tapes revealed he engaged in a lewd conversation with Trump that involved him bragging about "grabbing" women by their privates and kissing them without warning. "Mr. President: I came to warn you". "I know what I need to do - erase Seasons 1-14 of "The Apprentice" and fire Robert Mueller", he said. "Can you believe I got fired for just listening to you?"

The "SNL" sketch then continued with visits from the ghost of Christmas past, former host of NBC's "Today" Billy Bush (Alex Moffat), and Russian President Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) as Trump's present ghost. Baldwin's Trump wants to instead think back on all the good he's done over the year.

"Listen, we put a lot of work into you...and you're about to mess it all up", Bennett's Putin told him.

Then the ghost of Trump's past appeared.

"I'm looking pretty good in the NBC News division right about now", Moffatt said, referring to the sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer, who was sacked by NBC News on Wednesday.

Then McKinnon's Hillary Clinton emerges, hidden under a black cloak before revealing herself.

And Kate McKinnon reprised her role as Hillary Clinton to deliver this gem: "You, Donald, have given me the greatest gift of all: sexual gratification in the form of your slow demise".

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to say this - lock him up!", McKinnon's Clinton said.

In the end, Cecily Strong as Melania Trump comes to Baldwin's Trump rescue and wakes him up from the nightmare.