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Donald Trump explains G7 summit and what happened with Justin Trudeau

Trump aide apologizes for'inappropriate comments on Trudeau

He said Trudeau's promise to follow through with tariffs on United States goods- a response to Trump's own tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union - would hurt the Canadian economy.

Trump's attacks have Canadian businesses that use aluminum and steel very anxious, said Ontario Conservative MP John Brassard, who added that there is real concern that there will be serious job implications in very short order.

Trump did so after taking umbrage over comments made by Trudeau about the need for Canada to stand up to the United States on trade tariffs.

The decision to back out of the communique was "in large part" because of the upcoming North Korea summit, Kudlow said.

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, lashed out at Trudeau as "amateurish" and "sophomoric".

In recent days, Trump has launched a Twitter tirade against Trudeau and Canadian trade policy around dairy in response to Trudeau reiterating Canada's position at the end of the G7 summit.

"The president, coming late, stands before the cameras and says, "Why don't we add Russian Federation to the group".

Trump gave a wide-ranging news conference in Singapore on Tuesday following his landmark summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in which the two leaders spoke for several hours.

However, the office of the US Trade Representative has said the United States ran a US$8.4 billion trade surplus with Canada in 2017.

Earlier today, Trudeau cheered Trump's bid to broker a deal to rid the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons, but he stayed mum on the US administration's persistent trash talk.

Ambrose said the government needs to consider what more it's willing to put on the NAFTA table, keeping in mind that "what's at stake is just so much bigger than our pride".

"There's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with President Donald J. Trump", Navarro said at the time.

Navarro said on Fox that his words came "straight from Air Force One". It's close to $100 billion a year loss with Canada. Keep it behind closed doors. "Most inept and shameless Administration since Harding". The negotiations will either be bilateral or trilateral with Mexico, he said. "He'll learn, he can't do that", Trump said. "I'm arguing Trudeau picked the fight", he said.

Trudeau did not fire back when asked to respond to his USA counterpart's latest jab. "US$800 billion trade deficit", he tweeted on Monday. "I understand the president was upset".

It now appears clear that the White House attempted to use Canada's interest in a successful G-7 summit to extract trade concessions. "But to walk away from our allies in this way, I think, is a mistake".