Doctor Who Twitter Teases 13th Doctor, Reveal Set for this Sunday

When will Jodie Whittaker start as the Doctor on Doctor Who

It's about time: We're going to learn the identity of the 13th Doctor on Sunday, after the Wimbledon Men's Final. The announcement will be made after the conclusion of the Wimbledon Men's Final.

Unsurprisingly this comes with a lot of mixed reactions from fans of the BBC show, as some have wanted to know ever since the ending of season 10 so is undoubtedly excited by this announcement.

"It's my show right up to the point where Mr Capaldi regenerates and at that exact moment, the show passes to Chris Chibnall and he worries about the last section of it", Moffat said of the Christmas episode, which will be broadcast December 25. Fans and betting sites alike have gone through what feels like hundreds of names to try and suss out who may be next to man the TARDIS-with many folks sincerely hoping that it won't, in fact, be a man at the helm at all (even though some doubt they will take that risk). Particularly with the Master, the Doctor's arch-enemy, turning into a woman named Missy several seasons ago. He's also the creator and showrunner of Broadchurch, whose finale aired this past April. Death in Paradise actor Kris Marshall has been the Bookies' favourite for some months, but whether those bets are true has yet to be determined.

In a 60-second trailer on the Doctor Who Twitter account, the number 13 is shown in a number of iconic locations across Britain, including Downing Street, the Statue of Liberty and the White Cliffs of Dover.

The seasonal episode will also see David Bradley making an appearance as the first Doctor, the role originally taken by actor William Hartnell in the 1960s, meaning that three different incarnations of the Time Lord will appear in the same show.