Disneyland California raises entry prices to US$150 per day

Disneyland California raises entry prices to US$150 per day

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Disneyland Resort is raising prices ahead of the scheduled opening of a Star Wars-themed expansion, and the cheapest daily ticket will cost more than $100.

The Los Angeles Times noted that the increase went into effect less than a year after Disneyland marked up prices by as much as 18 percent.

The increase in ticket prices have always been aimed at crowd control, and with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy Edge which will feature two attractions and a 14-acre expansion, it's still not clear if tickets price increases will limit the crowds.

Disney took a big step toward controlling demand three years ago by launching a three-tier pricing system.

A Disney Parks spokerperson confirmed the 8% pricing change to SYFY WIRE, and the new rates affects all kinds of tickets, from one-day passes to parking; the cheapest option for visitation and parking is $104 a pop, and that's only for non-peak days in May. And the daily ticket price of a high-demand day is now $149, and that's up from $135.

Sorry, Disneyland fans, prices are increasing.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Disneyland raises ticket prices every year in part to help keep crowds at manageable levels. "Crowding is an issue", he said. The least expensive daily ticket to Disney World in Florida will be $109. If you live in Southern California, you have to choice of two, 3-day park hopper tickets; one allows you into all parks ($234), while the other only gains you access to one park of your choosing ($179).

The second of the attractions, titled "The Rise of the Resistance", will see riders in a race-against-time battle between the First Order and the Resistance.