Disney Has Finally Found Its Aladdin And Jasmine

Aladdin finds its lead actor in Jack Ryan actor, Will Smith to voice Genie

They join the now confirmed Will Smith as the genie.

Massoud has secured the coveted role of Aladdin while Scott will be playing Jasmine in the Guy Ritchie-directed Aladdin movie. As well as locking down the talent involved, it was revealed that the film will not be a direct adaptation of the 1992 animation.

Instead, 24-year-old Power Rangers actress Naomi Scott will be taking on the part. Start dream-casting Jafar! While Scott has some high-profile work to her name such as "Power Rangers", Massoud (pictured below) is more of a newbie. Canadian Mena Massoud has been tapped as our live action Aladdin.

Disney has let its heart decide who to cast as its live-action Aladdin and Jasmine, and not a moment too soon.

After some controversy, Aladdin has cast its lead character.

Aladdin finds its lead actor in Jack Ryan actor, Will Smith to voice Genie

The film was reportedly struggling to find a suitable actor to play Aladdin.

Although Disney is still on the hunt to fill the roles of the Jafar, the Sultan, and Iago, filming is set to begin in London in August.

Dan Lin will produce the project under his Lin Pictures banner and Jonathan Eirich will executive produce. The retelling is expected to keep the musical elements from the animated version.

The original animated movie was a comic take on the Arabic folk tale of a young man granted three wishes by a genie trapped in a lamp.