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Did Democrats' Blue Wave Crash On The Shores Of Ohio?

A full-scale mockup of a high-speed train sat in front of the state Capitol building in Sacramento in February 2015

Now the advantage is only three points, easily within the margin of error. This past primary the Democratic Party significantly increased their turnout with 16.63 percent - roughly double their normal turnout. But he says it also seems to be established now that Democrats are early voters.

There is no response from Blankenship regarding President Trump's denouncement yet this morning. Joe Donnelly - one of the GOP's top Senate targets - ended with a wealthy businessman and former Democrat the victor.

Republicans may be more careful about embracing Trump in bluer states. You can see that synchronized movement on the chart below, which shows average poll results for each question.

Notice, too, that the average is not 3 percent. Poll averages, which aggregate the results from all the recent polls, are generally more reliable. For now, though, the average is about where it has been for a month.

The visible distinction was additionally the main target of certainly one of Braun's most memorable adverts of the cycle, wherein he portrayed Messer and Rokita as similar, cardboard cutouts.

About 45 percent of respondents say they're extremely or very enthusiastic about voting in November; slightly over half say they're less enthusiastic.

Three Democrats and two Republicans are vying for the right to be Nebraska's governor. Only about 4 in 10 independents agree. He possessed all the glittering qualities except, alas, the crucial support of the president himself, who recommended a vote for either of his opponents.

The President of the United States Donald trump warns that the Democrats will prevent the economic achievements of his administration, and called on Republicans to mobilize in the run-up to the midterm elections. Republicans cast 1,196 ballots in the primary for governor; and Democrats, 842. Among enthusiastic voters, he's an even larger factor: 78% consider Trump important to their vote this fall.

Many political opinion polling experts have attributed these trends to the overall distrust and dissatisfaction with both major political parties, represented in almost all levels of government: state, local, and federal.

There is another factor worth mentioning here. Trump's political advisers view the event as a way to project party unity following a bruising primary. Most Americans have a strong opinion about how Trump is doing as president, either positively or negatively. But, I mean, look, at the people that won in these four states last night, of the 20 non-incumbent women who won primaries, only two - two - are in races that are considered competitive in November. Bush did - mostly right after 9/11.

Those energized female supporters do more than donate, Watson told USA TODAY in an interview before this week's primary. It allows people who don't have a party affiliation a chance to vote in the primary without being forced to choose one or the other. Add Republican Party as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Republican Party news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

Cruz said he's been speaking with other members of the GOP and has been urging them to vote "yes", in order to obtain the 51 votes necessary in the Senate.

Democrats and advocates for fair maps said the changes would allow Republicans to slip in more of their ideological allies, and could lead to less minority representation in the state legislature.

In January, Chávez was one a handful of current and former Republican lawmakers to announce the formation of New Way California, a group formed to press for more inclusive and environmentally friendly policies in the party.